Knox Box Program

The Knox Box system used by the Crowley Fire Department is designed to expedite entry and eliminate property damage caused by forcible entry when required for evaluation of an emergency situation, and allows the Fire Department to secure the building when leaving.

Materials & Use
A Knox Box is a highly secure, U.L.-Listed, nearly impenetrable steel vault used for the storage of entry keys and/or alarm panel or mechanical system keys. The Knox Box is placed for use by the Fire Department, and the keys to access the Knox Box, which cannot be duplicated, are in locked boxes stored in the emergency response apparatus. The Crowley Fire Department has used the Knox Box system for several years. To date, there has never been a breach of security.
Knox Box_thumb.png
Code Enforcement
The enforcement of the use of a Knox Box is stated Section 902.4 of the U.F.C. 1997 Uniform Fire Code: “When access to or within a structure or an area is unduly difficult because of secured openings or when immediate access is necessary for life safety or fire fighting purposes, the Chief is authorized to require a key box to be installed in an accessible location. The key box shall be type approved by the Chief and shall contain keys to gain access as required by the Chief.”

Required Use
The Fire Chief has determined that all buildings that contain automatic fire alarm systems or fire suppression sprinkler systems shall provide a Knox Box and the required keys for access to the building. There is a real possibility of an alarm occurring when the business is locked and vacant. The availability of a key allows firefighters to safely enter the building, without causing any damage, to evaluate the conditions present and secure the premises.

Installing a Knox Box
Please contact the Crowley Fire Department office at 817-297-1638, ext. 5220 to obtain an order form for Knox Box products. An authorized signature from a Fire Department official is required on the completed order form before Knox will process the order.

  • Your Knox Box must be installed as designated on your fire department-approved plans.
  • The Fire Inspector must approve the location of the Box prior to installation.
  • The Knox Box must be installed between 5 and 6 feet from the ground, unless otherwise approved by the Fire Inspector.
  • The Knox Box cannot be blocked from plain view by any obstructions (landscaping, etc.).
Requesting an Inspection
Once the Knox Box is mounted and ready for use, please contact the City Permits Department at 817-297-2201, ext. 3000 to request an inspection.