Deferred Disposition

You may be eligible to request Deferred Disposition as an option to prevent a violation from becoming a conviction.

Request must be made by the 11th calendar day after the citation is issued.

The full amount of the citation must be paid in full, and a deferral period of 60 days (up to 180 days) would be established. Provided you comply with all orders of the Municipal Court during the deferral period, the violation will be dismissed.

1st Offense - No Insurance
Anyone who requests deferred disposition for 1st Offense - No Insurance must provide current proof of insurance, and keep insurance current throughout the deferral period.

Under Age 25
If you are under the age of 25 and request Deferred Disposition for a moving violation, you will be required to complete a Defensive Driving Course as a condition of your probation (mandated by Texas State Law).

Criminal Offenses & No Insurance Violations (2nd or 3rd)
A case must be set for Municipal Court, and the request must be made before the Judge. Please contact the Municipal Court for exact fine and cost amount associated with your citation.

How to Request

You may request Deferred Disposition via fax or in person at the Municipal Court counter. Please print the Deferral Request Form (PDF) and fax it to 817-297-5073. Your request will be processed and a Deferral Agreement will be faxed back to you. After signing the Agreement, fax to Municipal Court for Judge's approval (include Credit Card Authorization Form for required payment).