When are the City Council meetings held?

First and third Thursday of each month at 7 p.m. There is generally a work session at 6:30 p.m. The City Council meetings are held in the City Hall Council Chambers at 201 E. Main Street.

How do I sign up to speak at the City Council meeting?

A person wishing to address the City Council on matters not scheduled on the City Council Agenda may do so under the Citizen and Visitor Participation section of the agenda.

How do I get an item placed on the City Council agenda?

The City Manager is responsible for final approval of items posted to the City Council agenda. Items may be placed on the agenda by the Mayor or at least three members of the City Council who shall confirm their request with the City Secretary's Office. The City Secretary may place certain items on the Agenda, including, but not limited to, presentations, items of a ceremonial nature and board & commission appointments.

What is the mailing address for the city of Crowley?

Please be sure all mail is sent to: 201 E. Main Street Crowley, TX 76036

Why should my home have smoke alarms?

In the event of fire, properly installed and maintained smoke alarms could save the life of you and your loved ones. By providing an early warning signal, you and your family may be able to escape to safety.