Mobile Food Vendor Permit

A Mobile Food Vendor is defined as a self-contained, licensed, motorized vehicle, which is temporarily stored on a privately owned lot where food items are cooked, processed or portioned for service, sales, and are sold to the general public.  By City Ordinance, mobile food vendors are only authorized within the designated downtown overlay district.

All mobile food vendors must be located on a parcel, which is appropriately zoned for commercial development.

Mobile food units shall provide the city with a copy of written permission from the property owner on an annual basis to allow the operation of a mobile food unit and to allow the mobile food unit and their customers access to a commercially plumbed public restroom on-site.

A mobile food vendor shall submit a site plan depicting the location of the mobile food vendor on the property; shall secure a current mobile food unit permit; and supply food handler cards from Tarrant County, providing copies of these documents to the city.

To submit a mobile food vendor application, please complete the online application form.