Garage Sale Permits

Garage Sale Permitting Process
You may obtain your Garage Sale Permit by visiting the Permitting Department at 201 East Main Street.

The fee is $5.

Garage Sale Permits are governed under Sec. 62-20. Applications and Permits as follows:
  • (a) All temporary sales, including garage sales, yard sales or other sales, shall require a permit from the city. All permits issued under this article shall be issued, upon approval by the city secretary of an application and payment of a fee listed in appendix A to this Code, to the city.
  • (b) Any person who desires a permit to conduct a temporary sale shall make an application, in writing, to the city secretary. All applications shall contain the following information:
    • (1) Name and residence address of the applicant;
    • (2) The beginning and ending dates of the temporary sale;
    • (3) The general type of goods, wares and/or merchandise to be offered for sale (furniture, used clothing, etc.);
    • (4)The hours that such temporary sale shall be conducted each day;
    • (5) Location of the sale (this location must be the same as the residence address of the applicant if it is a garage sale or yard sale); and
    • (6) What traffic hazards, or other problems, that the applicant believes may arise.
  • (c) All permits issued under this article shall be valid for no more than three days, and shall be for the same days as shown on the application.
  • (d) No more than three permits shall be issued for a temporary sale to be conducted on any one location or address during a 12-month period. The 12-month period shall be from the date of issue of the first permit to a location.
  • (e) More than one person may contribute goods, wares and/or merchandise to be offered for sale, whether or not those persons reside at the address of the applicant and sale location.
    • Such contribution of goods, or participation in a temporary sale by persons other than the applicant, shall not be considered as a permit by those persons, to conduct a temporary sale.(Code 1980, chapter. 4, § 4(B); Code 1999, § 62-32)