Mission, Vision, Values

The Crowley Police Department has adopted the following mission, vision and core values that reflect our commitment to the community we serve.

Our Mission

Our mission is to keep you safe, and to improve quality of life in partnership with the community.
Police, City of Crowley, Founded 1881, Crowley patch

Our Vision

Our vision is to be respected and trusted by all segments of the community so that we can be a positive driving force in making the city of Crowley the most livable community in North Texas.

Our Core Values (HIHR)

  • Honesty - All employees will speak and the truth and act righteous at all times.
  • Integrity - The Crowley Police Department is built upon a foundation of ethical and professional conduct. We are committed to the highest level of moral principles and ethics.
  • Honor - Our honesty, fairness and integrity shall make us worthy of distinction and respect.
  • Respect - We understand our role as community caretakers and temper our application of the law with compassion and empathy. We are committed to equal application of the law to offenders and members of the public as well as the equal application of rules and regulations to all members of the department.