About Us

The Crowley Police Department hired its 1st Police Officer in July 1962, and became an official department of the City in 1971 with the appointment of the 1st Police Chief. The original police department had 1 patrol car and 1  radio, and a small office in City Hall.

Acquisitions & Change of Location
Through the years, the police department acquired a small building and installed 1 jail cell. With growth and development, the police department eventually moved to 201 South Texas Street. This facility has 5 jail cells, a dispatch center, 4 sally port bays and office space. The City of Crowley continued to grow.

New Police Facility
In 2007, the residents of Crowley approved $4.2 million for a new police facility. The building was completed in March, 2008. It is 22,000 square feet and has jail space for 24 detainees.

The staffing plan for the Police Department includes 48 members. The 16 sworn patrol officers, 2 Traffic Officers and 4 School Resource Officers are led by the Command Staff:
  • Chief Luis Soler
  • Assistant Chief Kit Long
  • 2 Lieutenants
  • 5 Sergeants
Civilian Staff
The civilian, non-sworn staff is comprised of:
  • 3 Crossing Guards
  • 6 Dispatchers
  • Code Compliance Officer
  • Interns
  • Office Administrator
  • Property and Evidence Technician
  • Records Clerk
  • Support Services Supervisor
The Crowley Crime Control and Prevention District supports 2 Community Resource Officer and an Administrative Assistant, who also office at the Police Department.

Annual Budget
The annual budget for the Crowley Police Department falls into 3 accounts: Police, Code Compliance and Crime Control. The combined total for these accounts during fiscal year 2012-13 is $3,068,200. The budgets are managed by Chief Soler, with support from the Command Staff. The Police Department has a fleet of 19 vehicles, 1portable Radar Trailer, an ATV with trailer, 1 motorcycle, 1 armored personnel transport vehicle and 4 bicycles.